16-MHz BLE ECO for PSoC 6 BLE Demo Project – KBA223251

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How do I modify PSoC 6 BLE demo projects to use a 16-MHz ECO for BLE?



You need to change the the clock configuration of the PSoC Creator project to accept a 16-MHz ECO. The demo project by default uses the CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit, which uses the 32-MHz ECO.

  1. Open a demo project. For example, open the ‘FindMe’ project.
  2. Double-click Clocks, and then choose System ECO.
  3. Click Edit Clock.

  4. In the Configure System Clocks window, enable the AltHF:BLE ECO option and chose the ECO Frequency as 16 MHz. Select the desired divider or use the default. The Startup time is specified in the ECO crystal’s datasheet. The Load cap can be used to tune the ECO’s frequency deviation. See AN95089 for details.