Port Configuration for PSS Mode in Traveo™ MCUs - KBA222863

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Do S6J3110/3120/3200/3300/3350/3360/3370/3400/3510 Traveo series MCUs have any recommended port settings for the lowest power consumption in PSS mode?



These Traveo series MCUs have no special recommendation for the port setting in PSS mode. However, the input port is usually set HI-Z with the PIE bit of the PPC_PCFGRiij register. When that bit is set to `0`, the input port becomes HI-Z internally. For the output port, the output level is set to LOW normally. It is preferred to keep the same level that the interfacing device requests in PSS mode if the facing device needs to input HIGH or LOW in PSS mode. To set an output port as HI-Z, change the direction of the ports to "Input".