Difference between ‘slaveAddress’ Parameter of CY_I2C_CONFIG and CY_I2C_DATA_CONFIG - KBA222701

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    Translation - Japanese: CY_I2C_CONFIGとCY_I2C_DATA_CONFIGの「slaveAddress」パラメータの違い - KBA222701 - Community Translated (JA)



    What is the difference between the ‘slaveAddress’ parameter in the two structure types CY_I2C_CONFIG and CY_I2C_DATA_CONFIG?



    USB-Serial devices use two structure data types namely, CY_I2C_CONFIG and CY_I2C_DATA_CONFIG for I2C communications. Both these structure types have a parameter named ‘slaveAddress’.

    The ‘slaveAddress’ parameter of the CY_I2C_CONFIG structure indicates the actual slave address of the device. This parameter has no effect if the device is configured as an I2C master.

    The ‘slaveAddress’ parameter of the CY_I2C_DATA_CONFIG structure indicates the slave address with which the master will communicate. This parameter has no meaning when the device is configured as I2C slave.

    In other words, the effectivity of the ‘slaveAddress’ parameter of the structure is dependent on the ‘isMaster’ parameter.