PSoC 1 SmartSense_EMC and SmartSense_EMCplus Module Initialization Special Point – KBA222962

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 1 SmartSense_EMCおよびSmartSense_EMCplusモジュール初期化特別ポイント- KBA222962 - Community Translated (JA)



    When I use the SmartSense_EMCplus module together with a custom Rawdata Filter, the sensor gets stuck always.



    In PSoC® 1 CapSense® modules, sensor rawdata and baseline are always stored in waSnsResult[] and waSnsBaseline[] arrays. In general, both these arrays are updated after the InitializeBaselines() API is executed, but this is not true for SmartSense_EMC and SmartSense_EMCplus modules.

    In SmartSense_EMC and SmartSense_EMCplus modules, waSnsResult[] remains in an unassigned state until ScanSensor() (or ScanAllSensors()) functions are executed. Therefore, if you use a custom filter in your project, execute ScanSensor() (or ScanAllSensors()) functions once before initializing the filter.

    Correct code template is as follows:






         Filter_Init(); // Initialize customize filter