Shorten the Secure Boot Time in Traveo™ S6J3110/3120/3200/3300/3310/3320/3330/3340/3350/3360/3370/3400/3510 Series MCUs - KBA222350

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How can I shorten the secure boot time?



If SHE=ON, it is possible to shorten the secure boot time by setting the following registers:

  • Platform manual: BootROM software interface
  • SHE Secure Boot Mode Marker (BDR_SBMM)
    0x0: Jump to user program before secure boot is completed
    Except 0x0(default): Jump to user program after secure boot is completed
  • Debugger Connection Wait Enable Marker (BDR_DWEM)
    0x292D3A7B: Debugger connection wait disabled. It does not wait for debugger connection after the reset released (included the state change from PSS mode to RUN mode).
    Except above value: Debugger connection wait enabled.