Safe Handling of Intended and Unintended Power Supply Scenarios for Cypress MCUs and Flash Devices – KBA222970

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    Translation - Japanese: サイプレスMCUおよびフラッシュデバイス向けの意図的および意図しない電源シナリオの安全な処理 – KBA222970 - Community Translated (JA)



    Where do I find guidance on best practices for safely powering up or powering down Cypress MCUs and Flash devices? What are the best ways to guard against unintended power cycles for these devices?



    See the following Cypress application notes that document best practices for these scenarios. These go into impact and/or consequences at the device level as well as provide guidance at the system level on how best to execute intended power cycles and/or safely handle unintended power supply interrupts should they occur.



    Application Notes


    AN219790 – Managing Power Brownout Recovery with Cypress 65-nm NOR Flash


    AN220338 - Traveo Family MCUs: Scenarios of Intended Power Cycles

    AN220339: Test Scenarios of Unintended Power Cycles in Automotive Applications

    AN220401: Traveo Family MCUs: Power Supply Drop Above VCCmin and Supply Monitor Detection Level

    AN220402: Traveo Family MCUs: Power Supply Drop Below Minimum Supply Voltage Level But Above Vreset

    AN220973: Traveo Family MCUs: Safe System Recovery From a Power Supply Drop Below Vreset