PSoC Creator: Warnings when Downloading Components – KBA222491

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC Creator:コンポーネントのダウンロード時の警告 – KBA222491 - Community Translated (JA)



    When a Component is downloaded from the “Find new components” dialog in PSoC® Creator™, why does the notice list show a series of warnings of the form “prj.M0124: The type in conflicts with the imported type in ”?



    These warnings can occur if you were previously using PSoC Creator 4.2 Beta, and have downloaded (currently or previously) certain primitive Components. These represent low-level hardware blocks, and generally have an all lower-case name which starts with “cy_”.

    The warning is generated because there was a change between PSoC Creator 4.2 Beta and the final 4.2 release with regard to the location of common customizer code which is shared among several primitives. A reference to this shared code is stored in the web content Downloads project file, which is not automatically replaced with a new version when the final PSoCCreator 4.2 release is installed.

    Because the code is identical between both locations, these warnings do not impact the functionality of PSoC Creator. However, it is possible to remove the underlying conflict, and thereby avoid the warnings, by performing one of the following two actions:


    Option 1: Delete and re-download the web content.

    1.)  Close PSoC Creator.

    2.)  Delete the web content downloads folder. This folder is located at <My Documents>\PSoC Creator\4.2\Downloads (4.2).cylib

    3.)  Re-open PSoC Creator. The web content downloads project will automatically be recreated with the updated references.

    4.)  Use the Find new components dialog box to download any components that you had previously downloaded.

    Option 2: Manually remove duplicate references.

    This option is more complex, but may save time if you had previously downloaded a large number of Components.

    1.)  Open the web content downloads project.  This project is located at <My Documents>\PSoC Creator\4.2\Downloads (4.2).cylib\Downloads (4.2).cyprj.

    2.)  Open the Components tab in Workspace Explorer. If present, right-click and delete the CommonPortCode and cy_logic_gate_customizer Components.

    3.)  Right-click on Downloads (4.2) project and open Build Settings.

    4.)  Select the Assembly References line and click on the ellipsis to open the full reference list.

    5.)  Select the CyPrimitives entry, and click Remove.

    6.)  Click OK to close the Assembly References Editor and the Build Settings dialog.

    7.)  Save and close the Downloads project.