CySmart OTA with Samsung S7 Phones – KBA222535

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I am facing issues while performing Upgradable Stack OTA update from the CySmart Android app running on Samsung S7 phone. How can I solve this?



This is an issue with CySmart Android app implementation. This will be fixed in CySmart 1.2 version.


As a workaround, after you connect the device and before you proceed to the Bootloader screen, follow these steps to pair the device: 


1. In the CySmart App navigate, follow the menu path GATT DB > Bootloader Service > Bootloader Data Characteristic.

2. Click Notify and then Stop Notify to initiate the pairing process. See Figure 1 and Figure 2.



     Figure 1. Enabling Bootloader Service Notification                Figure 2. Disabling Bootloader Service