Interfacing PSoC® 1 to an SPI EEPROM – KBA221411

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC®1とSPI EEPROMのインターフェース – KBA221411 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do I interface PSoC® 1 to an external SPI EEPROM?



    The attached project demonstrates how PSoC® 1 may be interfaced to an external SPI EEPROM and an ATMEL AT25080A device. In the project, PSoC communicates with the external SPI EEPROM using the SPI Master (SPIM) User Module. An array of 32 bytes is written to the EEPROM starting from location 0 to 31 and the same array is read back from the EEPROM. The first eight bytes read back are displayed on the LCD.

    The attached document provides complete information on the user modules, their placement, User Module parameter settings, Global Resources settings, and the hardware connections. It also provides a detailed description on the working of the project.

    Download the documents and project files from the following links: