CYW20706 Schematic Design Considerations - KBA222368

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    Translation - Japanese: CYW20706回路設計での考慮事項 - KBA222368 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the CYW20706 schematic design considerations?



    1. See the CYW920706_eval board schematic available in SDK/doc/CYW92070aWCDEVAL-Hardware-User-Guide.pdf.
    2. Power part: copy from the eval board.
    3. External crystal oscillator: CYW20706 supports 20-, 24- and 40-MHz crystals by selecting the correct crystal strapping options.
    4. External EEPROM or Flash is needed to download the patch and application code. Connect the Sflash or EEPROM to SPI2.
    5. HCI UART can be used to download/ram boot/send HCI commands or UART application function. PUART is used for application function.
    6. F8-BT_DEV_WAKE is the pin to notify the CYW20706 that the host requires attention.
    7. F7-BT_HOST_WAKE is the pin to notify the host that CYW20706 needs attention.
    8. RF design: The band-pass filter LFB212G45CG2D013 is recommended and PI network is recommended for antenna tuning.
    9. Refer to the datasheet for pin assignment.