Updating Firmware in Clock Kits – KBA220548

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    Translation - Japanese: クロックキットのファームウェア更新 - KBA220548 - Community Translated (JA)



    How do I update the KitProg firmware?



    Do the following to update the firmware

    1. Close the ClockWizard software if it is open in your system.
    2. Open the PSoC® Programmer™ software (Start > .All Programs > Cypress > PSoC Programmer 3.27 > PSoC Programmer 3.27. Cypress recommends that you use the the latest version of PSoC Programmer.)

      The settings should look like Figure 1:

      Figure 1

      This displays a firmware update warning (see Figure 2) when the settings are as per the previous snapshot, and you click the “KitProg/…” text at the top left corner.

      Figure 2

    3. Click OK to close the window
    4. To update the KitProg, go to the Utilities tab on PSoC Programmer and click Upgrade Firmware, as shown in Figure 3.
      Figure 3
    5. Click Upgrade Firmware. This updates the KitProg firmware.