Watch PSoC 4 Register Value in Debug Mode in PSoC Creator – KBA222361

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC CreatorのデバッグモードでPSoC 4 レジスタ値を監視する – KBA222361- Community Translated (JA)



    How do I watch the PSoC 4 register value in debug mode in PSoC® Creator™?



    Do the following to watch registers in debug mode in PSoC Creator. This uses PSoC 4000S as an example.


    1. Find a register address in PSoC 4000S Registers TRM.




    2. Enter Debug mode in PSoC Creator, and enter the register address in the memory window, as shown in Fig-2.


    Run and break in debug mode. You can watch register values. Contact Cypress sales or tech support team for assistance.


    PSoC 4000S Family: PSoC® 4 Registers Technical Reference Manual (TRM)