PSoC 4 Pin Assignment Issue in PSoC Creator – KBA222096

Version: *A



Pins of the PSoC® 4 SCB component should be assigned to dedicated pins by PSoC Creator Wizard (Fig.1). However, sometimes I get incorrect pin assignment list (Fig.2). What is the reason?






For PSoC 4 project in PSoC Creator, after a Component being dragged in <Project_Name>.cysch and configured without errors, there will be a pre-process to generate valid and available pin assignment list in the Pin Assignment tab in <Project_Name>.cydwr for the Component. However, if there has been some errors in <Project_Name>.cysch before the Component was dragged in, the pre-process would be disturbed. This leads to the incorrect pin assignment list as shown in Fig-2.


To avoid this issue, the best practice is to clear all errors in <project_name>.cysch before pin assignment.



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