How to Use the WICED Bluetooth Designer – KBA222042

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    Translation - Japanese: WICED Bluetooth Designerの使い方 - KBA222042 - Community Translated (JA)



    Does Cypress have a tool to generate code like the PSoC® Creator™’s Component in WICED® platform? If yes, how do I use it?


    A: Yes, the WICED Bluetooth Designer can generate code base on your configuration. The following example uses WICED Smart 2.2.3:

    1. Click the pull-down button below the File button to extend the toolbar, and then click WICED Bluetooth Designer.

    2. Enter the project name in device name, (for example, 20737_test), and set the target chip (for example, 20737). Click Finish

    3. Locate the project in Project Explorer, and open the “20737_test.wic”.  In Device Settings. select the BLE appearance, peripherals, and interfaces.  Select Support Over the Air Upgrades if OTA(DFU) is needed, and then click Generate Code

    4. In Characteristics, select the Service such as “Blood pressure” that you want to add and click the plus icon to add it into the Profile.
    5. Select the “Blood Pressure” service and add the Characteristic. After adding services and characteristics, click Generate Code.
    6. Implement your code in your project.