PSoC Creator Design for PSoC 6 with Locked Pin Connected to Opamp Minus Input Fails to Build – KBA221141

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    Why does a PSoC® Creator™ design with PSoC 6 fail while placing an opamp Component when the pin connected to the opamp’s minus input is locked?



    In PSoC Creator 4.1 and 4.2 Beta, there is a defect in the placer for PSoC 6 devices that causes it to incorrectly view the minus input of an opamp as blocked when its associated pin is locked. If the design contains two opamps that require a minus pin, this can cause the placement to fail because the placer will not attempt to assign an opamp that requires a minus pin to a location where the minus pin is blocked. This will be resolved in the final release of PSoC Creator 4.2.



    The workaround is to leave the pin unlocked, and lock the opamp placement instead. Because each opamp has only one preferred pin for its minus input, locking the opamp placement will guide the placer to the desired pin location. The easiest way to achieve this is as follows:


    1. Build the design with the opamp minus pin unlocked (all other pins can be locked).
    2. Open the analog DWR.
    3. Right-click on the opamp and select the “lock” option.