Programming Methods for PSoC® 4 Development Kits – KBA219847

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® 4 開発キットのプログラミング方法 - KBA219847 - Community Translated (JA)



    What are the effective ways to program each PSoC 4 development kit (CY8CKIT-040/042/044/046/048/049)?



    For each PSoC 4 development kit, the hardware differs from one another. It may be not easy for new users to find out an effective way in a short time. Here is a summary of accessible programming methods for each PSoC 4 DVK.

    • KitProg

    KitProg is an onboard programmer/debugger with USB-I2C and USB-UART bridge functionality. Its ecosystem is shown as below. KitProg is the recommended and most effective programming and debugging way for CY8CKIT-040/042/044/046. For these kits, the SWD interface of PSoC 4 are hard-wired with KitProg on board already. Users just need to connect kit board with PC through corresponding USB Mini-B connector on the board.



    • SWD

            Other than KitProg, programming through SWD directly with MiniProg3 is another effective way for PSoC 4 development kits.


    • Bootloader Host

    As shown in KitProg ecosystem, KitProg also implements a USB-UART / USB-I2C Bridge. Therefore, you can program the kits using the bootloader host along with the bridge function. Before doing that, the UART / I2C bootloader must be programmed onto the kit boards. Because the hardware varies among these kits, explicit configurations are different:


    • CY8CKIT-040/044/046: UART / I2C lines between KitProg and the target are hardwired on the board already. Make sure that the allocated pins for UART / I2C of programmed bootloader match the hardwired pins for each kit.


    • CY8CKIT-042: Both UART and I2C lines between KitProg and the target are not hardwired. You should connect PSoC 5 UART pins (P12[6] / P12[7]) or I2C pins(P12[0] / P12[1]) to UART / I2C pins of PSoC 4, which should be corresponding to pins allocation of the bootloader.


    • CY8CKIT-049: The default configuration of the USB-Serial device on the CY8CKIT-049 prototyping kit is the USB-UART mode. Therefore, only the UART bootloader is effective. If the bootloader is not the default one, make sure that the allocated pins for UART of programmed bootloader match the hardwired pins.