Error while updating Components in PSoC Creator™ 4.1 - KBA221308

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When I try to update a Component in PSoC Creator™ 4.1 I get an error similar to what’s shown below:



Error message: “Error: Unable to install parcel ‘Timer_v2_80.cyparcel’: Failed to copy [Temp_location]\Timer_v2_80.pdf to %USERPROFILE%\PSoC Creator\4.1\Downloads(4.1).cylib\Timer_v2_80.pdf. Access to the path ‘%USERPROFILE% \PSoC Creator\4.1\Downloads(4.1).cylib\Timer_v2_80.pdf’ is denied “


How do I fix this error?


Answer: The issue is usually caused by antivirus software. The Access Denied error is typically caused by a sharing violation. Note that the error is not specific to a particular Component.


Workaround: Add the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\PSoC Creator directory to the exclusion list in your antivirus software.