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    Translation - Japanese: エネルギーハーベスティング技術を使用したBLE接続ソリューション - KBA221351 - Community Translated (JA)



    Is there a sample project of BLE connectivity solution using Energy Harvesting Technology?



    The attached file is sample project of Energy Harvesting BLE Connection using CY8CKIT-042-BLE and CYALKIT-E04.


    contents of the project

    The project consists of the following PSoC® Creator™ Components:

    1. 1. The BLE Component that is configured as Find Me Profile and Peripheral GAP role.
    2. 2. A watchdog timer (WDT) is used for waking up the system periodically from the low-power mode.

    The WDT is used to reduce current consumption for the BLE design. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of PSoC Creator, and Figure 2 shows the BLE Component Settings.


         Figure 1. PSoC Creator Project


         Figure 2. BLE Component Settings



         Figure 3 shows the main function flow to connect BLE using Energy Harvesting technology.

         Figure 3. Flow-chart of BLE connection using Energy Harvesting Technology



    confirm the operation of the project

    program and setup


              1. Prepare the BLE Pioneer Baseboard with PSoC 4 BLE from CY8CKIT-042-BLE.


              2. Open and Build the sample project using PSoC Creator, and program it to PSoC 4 BLE.


              3.  Disconnect the BLE Pioneer Baseboard from the computer’s USB port, and then remove the shorting block from jumper J15.



    4.    Open the CYALKIT-E04 kit, and take out the red S6AE103A Board and Solar Module.


               5.    Connect the S6AE103A Board to J1 and J3/J4 on the Pioneer Board as shown below.



                6.    Connect the Solar Module to J1 on the S6AE103A Board. Note that the red wire of the Solar Module cable connects to VDD on the S6AE103A board, and the                     black wire connects to GND.


    7.    Change SW12 on the S6AE103A board to the “OFF” position to supply power to the Pioneer Baseboard.




    1. Plug in the BLE-USB Bridge to computer’s USB port.

    2. Open CySmart™ 1.1 or later, and start scanning.


    3. Click Configure Master Settings, and select Connection Parameters.


    4. Change the parameters as shown below:

         a. Connection Interval Min: 800 ms

         b. Connection Interval Max: 800 ms

         c. Supervision Timeout: 10,000 ms


    5. Connect “EH BLE” peripheral that is programmed to PSoC 4 BLE


    6. Click Discover All Attributes. After few seconds, you can see all attributes of the “EH BLE” peripheral.

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