Silicon ID Mismatch while Programming PSoC® Devices - KBA221305

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC® デバイスプログラミング中に発生するシリコン ID 不一致エラーについて - KBA221305- Community Translated (JA)



    While trying to program PSoC devices, we get a silicon ID mismatch. How can we solve this?



    There are two common scenarios that might cause this error:


    1. When the detected silicon ID is entirely different from the ID in the database. Example: “Detected silicon ID: “FF FF 12 A3” is not in database”, whereas the expected value is "0E 21 11 9E"


    Reason: This can happen when the core is powered at a higher voltage than recommended. For example, the maximum recommended voltage for PSoC 4 Vccd pins is 1.89 V. By mistake, some designers short the Vccd and Vddd pins together and supply 3.3/5 V to the Vccd pins. This will cause the above error and can damage the core as well.


    2. When the detected silicon ID’s third byte is different from byte[2] in the database. Example: “Detected silicon ID: “0E 21 11 9E” is not in database”, whereas the expected value is "0E 21 19 9E"


    Reason: This error happens when you have developed a custom programmer and try to program. The third byte represents the silicon revision ID.

    byte[0] - Silicon Id Hi

    byte[1] - Silicon Id Lo

    byte[2] - Revision ID

    byte[3] - Family Id.


    The revision ID is irrelevant to programming and should be ignored. Changes in revision ID have no effect on functionality.