PDL Versions that Support PSoC® 6 MCU or FM Devices – KBA220468

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    Translation - Japanese: PSoC 6 または FM デバイスをサポートしている PDL のヴァージョン - KBA220468 - Community Translated (JA)

    Which are the PDL versions that support PSoC 6 MCU or FM Microcontrollers?

    This table lists various PDL versions and the device families that each version supports:



    PDL Version

    Supported Device Families

    PDL v3.1.x

    PSoC 6 MCU

    PDL v3.0.x

    PSoC 6 MCU

    PDL v2.1.x

    FM0+ and FM4

    PDL v2.0.x

    FM0+, FM3 and FM4

    Note that PDL v3.x.x does not support FM devices and PDL v2.x.x do not support PSoC 6 MCU devices.

    The PDL reduces the need to understand register usage and bit structures, thus easing software development for the extensive set of peripherals in the MCU portfolios. For more details on the PDL architecture, to download the PDL for your device see the PDL product page.

    PDL Versions that Support PSoC 6 MCUs

    The PDL v3.x.x supports PSoC 6 MCUs. This PDL is more than a driver library; it is a complete software development kit. The contents of the PDL 3.1.2 are shown in Figure 1.


    The default installation path for the PDL (whether installed by PSoC Creator or independently) is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.1.2.


    Figure 1. PDL 3.1.2 Contents


    PDL Versions that Support FM MCUs

    The latest PDL version that supports FM0+ and FM4 MCUs is PDL v2.1.x. You can get more details and you can download from this link.


    Note that the PDL v2.1.x does not support the FM3 portfolio. Developers targeting the FM3 portfolio should continue to use PDL 2.0.x.