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    Question: Can a PSoC® 6 MCU GPIO work at 100-MHz speed?


    Answer: 100 MHz is the maximum GPIO frequency in/out for PSoC 6 MCU. Even though it is capable of 100-MHz GPIO out, no peripheral can generate frequency up to 100 MHz. Typically, GPIO input at 100 MHz is used as an external clock [P0.0, P0.5].

    When a GPIO is connected to a peripheral, the maximum speed will vary. The following table shows the maximum speed available on dedicated GPIOs for different peripherals:



    Maximum Speed




    80 MHz

    P11.0 - P11.7; P12.0 - P12.4



    50 MHz

    All GPIOs

    100 MHz is the maximum clock available for UDB


    50 MHz

    All GPIOs except P11.6 and P11.7

    1. Operating Frequency = 100 MHz


    12 Mbps

    P14.0, P14.1

    Full Speed USB


    25 MHz

    All GPIOs except P9.7, P10.7, P11.7, P12.7, P13.7

    SPI master mode with clock speed of 100 MHz

    Note: A clock cannot be directly connected to GPIO.