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Can VREF of PSoC® 4 CapSense® Component be changed?


The value of VREF is fixed and is equal to 1.2 V for all the PSoC 4 family of devices except the PSoC 4 S-Series and PSoC Analog Coprocessor family. For the PSoC 4 S-Series and PSoC Analog Coprocessor family, VREF can vary from 0.6 V to VDDA – 0.6 V. For more details, refer to AN85951.


Question: How can I change VREF of PSoC 4 S-Series?


The range of valid values is from 1.2 V to VDDA - 0.6V, where VDDA is the input voltage of the VDDA pin as set in the DesignWide Resources (*.cydwr) System editor.

By default, the reference voltage value (VREF) depends on VDDA:

VDDA < 2.6 V: VREF = 1.2 V

2.6 V ≤ VDDA < 3.2 V: VREF = 1.4769 V

3.2 V ≤ VDDA < 4.7 V: VREF = 2.0211 V

VDDA ≥ 4.7 V: VREF = 2.7429 V

If you need other values of VREF, contact Cypress sales team or technical support.


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