BLE Central unable to Receive Multiple Advertisement Packets from Peripheral – KBA220285

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    Translation - Japanese: BLEセントラルがペリフェラルからの複数のアドバタイズパケットを受信できない – KBA220285 - Community Translated (JA)



    Why is my Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Central unable to receive multiple advertisement packets from the same peripheral?



    The Central devices have a property called Duplicate Filtering. If this property is enabled, the Central device will filter (will not accept) multiple advertising packets from the same device (device with same address).

    Make sure that the ‘Duplicate filtering’ property is disabled for the Central device.

    For example, consider you are using CySmart PC tool. By default, duplicate filtering is enabled. So, CySmart will receive advertisement packet only once from same peripheral. If you want to see the next advertisement packet from the same device you must disable duplicate filtering. For setting the configuration in the CySmart, click Configure Settings   Scan Settings   Disable Duplicate Filtering.