Correct Model Number Selection for S29GL064S – KBA220955

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    Translation - Japanese: S29GL064Sの正しいモデル番号の選択方法 - KBA220955 - Community Translated (JA)



    What model number of S29GL064S should I select when I use it to replace the Micron M28W?



    Select one of these model numbers - 06, 07, V6, or V7 - if you use the 48-Pin TSOP package and you want the S29GL064S pinout to be compatible with the Micron M28W pinout.


    The S29GL064S and the Micron M28W both support the 48-pin TSOP package; however, the S29GL064S has two different pinouts, depending on the model number


    The S29GL064S does not support a BGA package that is compatible with the M28W.


    Note that the S29GL064S has different command set from the M28W. Software changes are required for the migration.


    See the TSOP-48 package diagram below for details (001-98286 Rev F, Figure 3.1) to see the pinout differences.