Use J-link to Download and Debug PSoC 4 – KBA221030

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    Translation - Japanese: J-link を使用して PSoC 4 のダウンロードとデバッグを行う - KBA221030 - Community Translated (JA)



    Can I use the J-link to download and debug PSoC® 4 chip?



    Yes, you can use the third-party IDE like IAR/Keil/Eclipse to achieve it:


    1. Export your project to a third-party IDE like IAR. See PSoC Creator Help Topics: Exporting a Design to 3rd Party IDEs. Here, IAR is used as the example.
    2. Setting up the IAR Project for J-Link: PSoC Creator Help Topics: Exporting a Design to 3rd Party IDEs: Steps for Setting up the IAR Project.
      Skip Step #8 in Help. Replace Step #9 in Help topics as follows:

      a) On the Debugger page (select project > Project > Options: Debugger), click the Driver drop-down menu and select J-Link/JTrace.
      Figure 1
      b) Select the node for your debugger and select to the J-link/J-Trace tab. Then, select the appropriate interface for your device.
      Figure 2

    3. Connect the SWD lines (VCC/GND/Reset/SWCLK/SWDIO) of J-link to PSoC 4. Note that J-link’s VCC pin has no power by default, so you need to provide PSoC 4 with external power. Figure 3 shows J-Tag port.
      Figure 3

    4. Build the project (save IAR project to cydsn file) and then click Download and Debug
      The debug page:
      Figure 4