Channel frequency of CYRF6936

Version 1
    Question: When I set the CHANNEL_ADR to 0x00, why the carrier was found at 2401MHz actually?



    Please refer to the  following snipping of lpradio.asm of any example project that using CYRF device,

    ADD A, 2
    ; fallthru to RadioSetFrequency()
    CMP A, 0
    JZ .Chan0
    DEC A
    .Chan0: MOV X, CHANNEL_ADR ; Write into the channel register.
    JMP RadioWriteSwapped


    According the code above, when you set channel register to 1, you will see the really using frequency is 1+2-1=2, means 2402, this is why set 0x00 to "CHANNEL_ADR" , the career frequency will be 2401MHz.

    Please also refer to the detailed of TX_OFFSET_LSB_ADR & TX_OFFSET_MSB_ADR in WirelessUSB LP Technical Reference Manual which is availabel on our website: