Resource about interfacing I2C slave to PSoC1 devices

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    Question: What are the things available on website about interfacing I2C slave to PSoC1 device?



    AN50987 - Getting Started with I2C in PSoC® 1, in which described  I2C usage in PSoC1 device, is a good reference to design I2C interfacing with PSoC 1 device, link to this apps note is:

    If controlling I2C expander using PSoC is desired,  I2CHW Master Example Project in above Apps note can be referred, also Cypress have I2C expander device -  CY8C95xxA can be used to expand I2C interface. CY8C95xxA device  is in production, the link to CY8C95xxA device is:

    Also, there is a reference design kit  - CY8C3242 - IOX -  I2C Port Expander Ealuation Kit, can be good reference to expand I2C interface, this kit is obsolete, however, the material in this kit can be reference for design, the link to the kit is: