Software conrolled Port_x_7 usage while LCD user module using Port_x

Version 1
    Question: Why Pin7 of Port2 always being drived to low even I pull it high in my code if LCD user module using Port2?



    It is not recommended to use the port assigned to LCD for any other applications. However, if you want to use the pin 7 of port x which used by LCD user module, you need to update pin Px.7, please update Port_x_Data_SHADE variable by setting or clearing the 7th bit (depending what you want to do) and later copy the variable content to PRTxDR, a simple example as below:

    //declare this before main.
    extern BYTE Port_x_Data_SHADE;

    //update the shadow register before writing to port.
    Port_x_Data_SHADE ^= 0x80;
    PRTxDR ^= Port_x_Data_SHADE;

    Also, it would be a good idea to move the software controlled pin to another port and use Px7 as a global input or output if demanded.