Minimum PWM frequency in System level design

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    Question: What minimum PWM frequency can be configured in System level design?



    PWM in System level design should use a frequency greater than 100kHz.  Any frequency below that has no effect on the output.  This is a software limitation of PSoC Express/ System Level Design.

    Important note:

    Beginning with PSoC Designer 5.0, service pack 6, we are de-emphasizing System-Level Design (PSoC Express). PSoC Designer 5.1 onwards, System Level Design has been completely removed. While no functionality of system level design has been removed from release in 5.0 SP6, we recommend using Chip-Level Design (PSoC Designer style). We are not recommending System Level Design for production designs (except for CapSense Express). There will be continued support for CapSense Express in a service pack of PSoC Designer 5.1. Inconvenience is regretted.