CY2071A Programming Tools

Version 1
    Question: What software and hardware is required to program a CY2071A?



    Following programming tools are required for the CY2071A device:

    Software - CyberClocks - CyClocks.
    Hardware: CY3670 programmer and the CY3096 socket. Other qualified programmer vendors include BP Microsystems.

    Designers can easily download CyberClocks from the Cypress website. CyClocks, contained within CyberClocks, will generate a JEDEC file which contains all the configuration information. The JEDEC file can then be loaded into the hardware programmer.

    A data sheet on the CY3670 is available from our website.

    CyberClocks software is easily downloaded from our website.

    This device is no longer recommended for new designs. We have CY22381 as the recommended replacement which is 3.3V only device and requires a different programmer: CY3672-USB.