Difference between CY22392 and CY22393.

Version 1
    Question: What are the differences between our CY22392 and CY22393 devices?



    The CY22393 is the advanced version of our CY22392 with the feature of Serial Programming Interface being provided for In-System Re-programmability of the Volatile memory registers only. So the CY22393 has pins 12 and 13 replaced with the SDAT (pin 12) and SCLK (pin 13) respectively which were S0 and S1 respectively in case of our CY22392. For CY22392, S0, S1, and S2 are general-purpose inputs that can be programmed to allow for eight different frequency settings. For the CY22393, S2 is a general-purpose input that can be programmed to allow for two different frequency settings. The values of SCLK (S1) and SDAT (S0) pins are latched during start-up and used as the other two indexes into this array. Accordingly the layout in Advanced Mode in our CyberClocks Software is different for both the parts. We have Divsel which will select values for the two CLKA and CLK B registers (which in turn is selected by S2, S1, and S0).