CY22393 Frequency Ranges

Version 1
    Question: What are the minimum and maximum frequency ranges for the CY22393?



    The input frequency range is 8MHz-30MHz crystal, 1-166MHz driven (Commercial) and 1-150MHz driven (Industrial).

    Output Frequency Range:

    CY22393 - Commercial - 8KHz - 200MHz
    CY22393 - Industrial - 8KHz - 166MHz


    Note: 8KHz can only be obtained from the buffered 1MHz reference divided by 127 (Maximum output divider value).


    PLL Frequency Range:


    CY22393 - Commercial - 100MHz - 400MHz

    CY22393 - Industrial - 125MHz - 375MHz


    The frequency ranges are reduced at higher temperatures for guaranteed PLL stability. The PLLs do not reliably lock at higher temperatures for which reduce the margins.