Code execution in the OTGHOST

Version 1
    Question: How can one check if the code is being executed in the OTGHOST?



    There are ways to check if the code is being executed.

    1. When BIOS first starts executing and does initialization, it will try and see if a 16-bit RAM is connected to the external memory bus. It does this by writing and reading a value of 0x6000 on the external memory bus. You could probe for this write. The BIOS will also perform an external read to 0xC100 (should do this prior to writing the 0x6000 for the 16-bit RAM test).

    2. The qtuarena or qtsarena tools could be used to talk directly to the BIOS. These tools are explained in the CY16 Binary Utilities.pdf in the C:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host\Docs directory.