Maximum USB bulk-mode bandwidth achievable

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    Question: What is the maximum USB bulk-mode bandwidth that we can achieve from the EZ-USB and EZ-USB FX and how do we achieve this maximum?



    The maximum you can achieve is about 8.704 Mbits/sec if the bulk data were to be transferred on a sustained basis, and if no other USB devices were on the bus.  Other bus traffic will subtract from the available bulk bandwidth.  Achieving this rate depends on implementation, i.e. endpoint pairing, and how the Host Application talks to the device.  Make sure that the host asks for the maximum number of bytes (or what is needed, whichever is  smaller)  per transfer in order to minimize the overhead per request involved in processing each request through the different layers of drivers.  The control panel, as provided, can do a maximum transfer of 64K bytes per request.

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