Custom boot.tpl. from PD 4.3 to PD 4.4

Version 1
    Question: As of 4.3 I was able to extensively customize our boot.tpl files. However, in Psoc Designer 4.4 when I open the project it wants to create a new boot.tpl. If I let it, of course I lose my custom boot.tpl. If I click Cancel, it lets me keep it but refuses to do the "generate application" step. OK, I've noticed that I can re-enable the button by editing the project settings. How to solve this problem?



    Please follow these steps to save the boot.tlp file:

    1. Hit Cancel when Designer wants to create a new file.
    2. Go the Project -> Settings -> Device Editor, uncheck the Enable project update.
    3. Uncheck the Lock device configuration
    4. Hit OK.

    At this point, you will be able to generate application.