Internal version of ezmon.sys

Version 1
    Question: Can the monitor driver be rebuilt to load an internal version of the monitor instead of the default version that loads to external memory?



    Yes, the monitor driver can be rebuilt to use an internal version of the monitor. You should create a copy of the Cypress\USB\Drivers\ezmon to work in. To rebuild the monitor with an internal version:

    1. Use the hex2c utility to convert the desired monitor version into C code and paste this code over one of the existing Hex Record fields in the source file mon51hi.c, save the file and exit.
    2. Open for editing the Sources file and delete the # and any leading spaces in the code below this comment: # to build this driver using the Windows 2000 DDK, uncomment the following line: save and close the file
    3. Launch the DDK and build the driver
    4. Place the newly created monitor file in the Windows\System32\Drivers directory.