RoboClockII Drive Differential Loads

Version 1
    Question: Can RoboClockII drive differential loads?



    Bank3 can be configured into two pairs of differential outputs by setting the INV3 pin LOW (gnd). In this mode each matched output pair becomes complementary ([3QA0 , 3QA1] and [3QB0 , 3QB1]). The output buffers of Bank3 are designed to have matched delay, pulse width and rise/fall times to emulate a real differential output. While RoboClockII outputs are LVTTL, LVPECL is a 1V logic centered about V and so RoboClockII outputs represent a superset of PECL. If the line receiver has no maximum voltage swing limit then the outputs will be sufficient to drive PECL loads. If the line receiver has a 1V nominal swing, then a combination of series and parallel termination on the line will make them compatible.