Development tools required for WirelessUSB USB Bridge application development

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    Question: What development tools will be needed for WirelessUSB USB Bridge application development?



    Below is a complete list of development tools for WirelessUSB USB Bridge application development. 

    CY4632 WirelessUSB KBM RDK

    For enCoRe (USB Controller) development tools:

    CY3654        : enCoRe Platform Board - ICE
    CY3654-P05  : enCoRe Personality Board

    CY3083-07    : 16/18-pin DIP Adapter 
    CY3083-08    : 24-pin SOIC Adapter 
    CY3083-DP48 : DIP Base HiLo Adapter 
    CY3649         : Standalone HiLo Programmer

    CY3083-SC28 : 28-pin Base HiLo Adapter

    For Windows Software application development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET