Input jitter tolerance of CY7B993V and CY7B994V

Question: What amount of jitter can the CY7B993V & CY7B994V REF inputs tolerate?



The reference inputs of Roboclock are neither tolerant or intolerant to jitter. Roboclock does not have a jitter input specification. The jitter characteristics of the device are that of a second order band pass filter, with the -3dB cut off point dependent on the FS setting, feedback divide ratio, etc. The cut off range typically varies from about 1 MHz to 10 MHz depending on the configuration. Jitter of frequencies below this cut off point will be passed through the PLL and appear on all outputs, with a possible slight amplification at jitter frequencies just below the cut off frequency. Above this cut off point the PLL filter will attenuate the jitter at about 20 dB per decade.