What I/O functions does the Neuron chip support?

Question: What I/O functions does the Neuron chip support?



The Neuron chip has an extensive library of I/O functions that are implemented using a combination of hardware I/Os and timers and software emulation.  Below is a list of all the supported I/O functions, full details about each one of these I/O modes can be found in the Cypress Neuron Databook.

Bit Input/Output

Byte Input/Output

Nibble Input/Output

Leveldetect Input

Muxbus I/O

Master/Slave A Parallel I/O

Slave B Parallel I/O

Bitshift Input/Output


Magcard Input

Magtrack1 Input

SPI (Neurowire) Master/Slave

Serial Input/Output

Wiegand Input

Dualslope Input

Edgelog Input

Infrared Input

Ontime Input

Period Input

Pulsecount Input

Quadrature Input

Edgedivide Output

Frequency Output

Oneshot Output

Pulsecount Output

Pulsewidth Output

Triac Output

Triggercount Output