ezusb.sys under XP

Version 1
    Question: Can I use the Ezusb.sys under Windows XP or do I need an updated driver?



    The EZ-USB General Purpose Driver, Ezusb.sys, runs under Win98, Win2k, and WinXP. Cypress provides this driver so developers can test a device's ability to perform standard USB device requests and data transfers using the EZ-USB Control Panel application, EzMr.exe.

    Although Cypress does not provide support for writing user applications that interface with the generic driver, the ezusb.sys source code provides an example for USB device driver development. A custom driver or mini-driver can be created using the general purpose driver as a starting point.

    Details about the general purpose driver are found in the "EZ-USB General Purpose Driver Spec.pdf" file. By default, the development tools installation places this file in the directory C:\Cypress\USB\Doc\EZ-USB General.