Volatile Registers for CY22150

Version 1
    Question: For cy22150, do you have any volatile registers, i.e. the registers which can be serially programmed unlimited times, and which are the non-volatile registers, which can be flash-programmed only up to 100 times?



    The volatile memory is an exact image of the non-volatile memory having the same register addresses. The only difference in the programming procedure between these two types of device memories is that when you program the device using I2C (programming volatile memory), you do not need to generate the high voltage programming pulse. In addition, the SRAM and the EEPROM have different I2C device addresses. The Programmable Registers of the CY22150are given in Table 2 on page 5 of the CY22150 datasheet, available on our website. Please note that the information given in this table applies for both the volatile and the non-volatile registers.