CY22392 and In System Programmability

Version 1
    Question: I need a tool for producing the configuration bit stream and I?C protocol instructions to communicate with the CY22392.



    Unfortunately, CY22392 is not In System Programmable. You need to use a Cypress-qualified programmer to Flash-Program the part before putting it on the board. There are no two I2C pins, that you can always program the device as in other devices where your data will be lost upon powering the device down. You can always use our CyberClocks software   that you can download from the web to configure the device and generate the configuration JEDEC file. You usually will have to strip this JEDEC file and extract the data that you need to shift into the part. Unfortunately, we do not have a readily available application that extracts the info from the JEDEC file nor that generates the I2C bit stream as this product is not an ISR device.

    I have used a board/software package I purchased from and found it very useful for the type of work you're inquiring about.  You might want to check it out by clicking on this link.

    If you are interested in using I2C, then we have single PLL based CY22150 and three PLL based CY22393. These devices are designed to program the volatile memory using I2C where the changes will last as long as the devices are powered.