Linking a device to the EZUSB.SYS driver

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    Question: How do I link my device to the EZUSB.SYS driver?



    In order to link your device to the EZUSB.SYS driver so that you can test your device with the EZUSB Control Panel you need to add your device Vendor and Product IDs (VID/PID) to the Cypress ezusbw2k.inf file that is located in your Windows\inf or Winnt\inf directory. This file is placed there after you install the EZUSB development kit software.

    Linking a device to the EZUSB.SYS driver will allow the use of the EzMr Control Panel to communicate with the device.

    To link the driver to the EZUSB.SYS driver, your system registry needs to be cleared of any keys that reference your device VID/PID. To clean the registry of keys usign the device VID/PID, enter the registry editor (regedit for Windows 98 and regedt32 for Windows 2K and XP) and check the paths:


    If the VID/PID is found, set the security permissions for each registry key found in order to allow full control and then delete the entry for the VID/PID.

    Then search the INF directory under windows for any other .INF file which contains the VID/PID and remove the VID/PID from any other inf file which contains the line or rename the file extension. Finally, for each .INF file that required removing the VID/PID, remove the associated .PNF file.

    Then edit the file EZUSBW2K.INF to contain an additional line for the new device VID/PID. As an example, if the VID/PID is FFFF/FFFE you enter a line like:


    This will link the VID/PID to the EZUSB.SYS driver which will allow the use of the Control Panel to communicate with the device.

    Also, go to the bottom of the ezusbw2k.inf file and in the [Strings] section add a directive such as:

    USB\VID_FFFF&PID_FFFE.DeviceDesc="My Device Description String". This string will appear in a notification box when the device is first installed.