Design equations in the report file

Version 1
    Question: Where is the design equations in the report file located?



    Warp will output the equations only on successful completion of the synthesis section of the compilation process, meaning there can be an error in the fitting portion and the equations will still be generated. These can be easily found by clicking on the + sign next to the report file name, under the output files tab on the left side of the work area. This will expand the list and show links to the various sections of the report file.

    If the report file is not showing any design equations, it can mean a few things.

    1. The design was not successfully compiled, this can be determined by looking at the system window on the bottom of the Warp work area.

    2. The design was compiled, but the user clicked the compile button again. In this case, Warp will discover that no changes were made to the design, so the report file only shows that the files have had no changes. Please, change something in the code, delete it, then compile again. This will create a new report file.

    Please be noted our entire Cypress CPLD product are Obsolete and not recommended for new design and development. Also our Warp Software Tool is Obsolete.