Benefits of using a Cypress WirelessUSB module

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    Question: What are the benefits of using a Cypress WirelessUSB module? Do I still need to undergo FCC testing?



    The benefit of using a Cypress WirelessUSB production module is that they have already gone through regulatory certification. This means that customers need not undergo certification for intentional radiation. There are some requirements/limitations for the use of modules, which include:

    ?         Specific labeling on the product and/or documentation is required.

    ?         No co-location with other transmitters is allowed. By definition, co-location is when another radio or its antenna is located within 20 cm of our radio and it can transmit simultaneously with the other radio.

    ?         Only the antenna(s) that were certified with the radio may be used. Other antennas may be used only if they are of the same type (e.g. yagi, dipole, patch) and have the same or lower gain.

    ?         The module can only be installed by the OEM and not by the user. It should not be installed in a user accessible location.

    ?         Any modifications to the radio will void the user's authority to operate the equipment. The OEM must not modify any aspect of the radio's mechanical and electrical configuration.

    Even though the modules are certified, the complete product will still need to be tested as a digital device/product before receiving final FCC approval. Costs vary but are typically in the below range:



         FCC Testing




         FCC test report




         EU Testing




         EU test report