Mouse Sample Firmware for CY7C63001A-PC

Version 1
    Question: Is there any sample mouse firmware for CY7C63001A-PC ?



    The 63001 was a good chip, and it was  around for a while. It is no longer recommended for new designs. For new low-speed designs, we, however, recommend the enCoRe II devices. These devices have all features that the 63000 has with added useful features that reduce the over all costs such as the internal oscillator (no external 6MHz clock), internal 3.3V regulator (for pulling D- up through a 1.3K pull up), dual USB/PS/2 interface supported, wake-up circuit (no external RC wake up circuit needed), SPI compatible, Low voltage reset, each GPIO is independently configurable in different modes,... More information on this part can be achieved from our web site at: (click on Products--> USB Low-speed Peripherals --> enCoRe II).

    This CY7C63001 mouse firmware has been removed from our web site. Please contact us at for an electronic copy of the firmware.