Porting firmware from CY7C63000/001 to EZ-USB

Version 1
    Question: Is there an easy way to port a system from a CY7C63001 architecture to an EZ-USB architecture?



    There is really not an easy way since the CY7C63001 uses an M8 core and the AN2131 uses the 8051 microprocessor. We do provide various examples that demonstrate and illustrate the implementation of the USB protocol with the AN2131 EZ-USB chip. Most of the examples included with the AN2131 DK001 Development Tool software are frameworks based (includes fw.c in their project). The frameworks file fw.c implements the USB protocols. Please refer to the following files, which are included in the "C:\Cypress\USB\Doc\EZ-USB General" folder, after installing the development tools.


    -Anchor Firmware FW.pdf

    -EZ-USB Contents and Tutorial.pdf