GPIO as input to the device editor

Version 1
    Question: How do I configure my GPIO as an input in the Device Editor - there is a field that says 'Drive' that is set to some default value even when I use the 'Select' field to set my GPIO pin to act as an input?



    It is true that the PSoC Designer does not allow configuration of GPIOs in a straightforward method. In the PSoC Designer Device Editor (Interconnect view), the 'Select' field takes precedence over the 'Drive' field. So, when configuring a GPIO as an input (in the Device Editor Interconnect view) using the 'Select' drop down menu, the 'Drive' field will not override the 'Select' field choice and the GPIO will stay as an input. If an input with pull-up is required then, configure the GPIO as an input (CMOS or TTL) using the 'Select' field and then configure the 'Drive' field as 'Open Drain, Pull up'. This then configures the GPIO as an input with pull up enabled.