When I do Configure/Target/ then Update  the 'pressing red and yellow buttons' message does not appear as it normally...

Question: When I do Configure/Target/ then Update, the "pressing red and yellow buttons" message does not appear as it normally does. The SUSPEND, HALT, and RUN LEDs are alternating. The Configure/Target Platform Board shows "CY3654.1.32". The board is not functioning correctly.



If you go to Configure/Target menu, the Platform Board box should be showing "CY3654.1.67". If it is showing "CY3654.1.32", then for some reasons, the Flash ROM's firmware (U2 on the board) has been changed to version 1.32.  You need to contact USB Apps to get the cldb which is used to reprogram the flash. Please follow the instructions that comes with the cldb carefully.

Once it has been reprogrammed with version 1.67, the Platform Board box in Configure/Target menu should be updated to "CY3654.1.67"